Wednesday, October 12, 2016

EPIC QUEST: Jank-O-Vision Presents

Jank-O-Vision presents!


Epic Quest was the first game I started trying to make on my own in Game Salad, in 2011.

Everyone clearly says, "Don't make an RPG!", so I thought, this'll be a good idea, and went straight to it!  Surprisingly, I ran into all sorts of problems and gave up!  But I learned a bunch of stuff doing it.  

Prototype Notes
  • Janky as fook!
  • Saves your progress!
  • Stand on an Inn to trade gold for health over time (time speeds up while resting).
  • Fighting is "not very good".  Just keep clicking the enemy you want to attack (you can actually just hold the button down to keep attacking).
  • You can flee, too!

My Goals with the Game
  • Build an RPG like Phantasie!
  • A small island, and a single dungeon.  EPIIIIIC!
  • Day / night cycle!  IMMERRRSSSIIIIIIVE!
  • Wonderfully laid out janky resource wasting tile set!

Lessons Learned...
  • Make systems that do the work for me!  Don't do all the heavy lifting myself!  
  • Make a map system that uses tiles, and reads the values from a table!
  • Have a UI controller, which spawns in the HUD elements and places them in code, instead of rebuilding the HUD by hand in every scene of the game!
I took these lessons and later started building a tile-based RPG world, reading it's data from a separate table, and using a small set of tiles to show the current surrounding area. 

Hopefully that game will be released into to the world for realz some time!

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