Monday, May 28, 2012



I thought I'd post some photos of my workspace, as I'm rather proud of my awesome bedroom, full of my favorite knick-knacks, books, decorations, instruments and toys.

It's very densely packed, and many would quickly label me a hoarder.  Pity my poor parents, for the less urgent belongings all end up out there.

Now that it's getting into winter here in Melbourne, I'm working upstairs on the mezzanine level that I built with my dad and brother, with my heater on below to bring up the warmth! 

I'm creating my game on an older model 2008 MacBook Pro that I bought off a lovely friend. 
I'd love a new 27" iMac one day for some extra power and screen space.  But I do love my Mac, a lot.

My old iMac is downstairs, which I bought from another kindly friend to get started using Game Salad.  It was the computer that converted me from being a Windows guy to a Mac guy.  That being said, I also have a Windows machine downstairs, and one upstairs!

Downstairs is also home to my favorite guitars, a piano, and various keyboards and organs! You can also see my 20 year old Lord of the Rings poster on the wall, along with a more recent LOTR discovery (seen sitting above the mirror).  It's an LP from 1972, "Music Inspired by Lord of the Rings" by the Swede, Bo Hansson. Excellent album! Check it out if you're into atmospheric psychedelic instrumental stuff.  I like listening to records while I'm working, especially instrumental stuff, because it's not too distracting.

One day I'm hoping to build a castle and work out of there...

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