Saturday, October 26, 2013

Old School RPG - Progress Update!

"The town is being overrun by rats!  They seem to be coming from the dungeon to the south.  Bring back 10 rats teeth and we shall reward you with 500 gold!"

Heehee.  I'm working on an oldschool style RPG based around terrain tiles.  My plan is to build the basic system, then explore interesting ways of expanding on it with systemic gameplay and interesting systems.  

Check out the progress report video below!

Friday, October 18, 2013

"Lady Lomat's Flute" - A Thief 2 Fan Mission

Thief is one of my favorite game series of all time.

There's a new re-imagining of the game coming soon from Eidos Montreal, and also an unofficial patch for the original games appeared somewhat recently amongst the fan community, improving the game's compatibility with modern computers, and also improving the shadow maps and other tweaks and improvements throughout.

This prompted me to re-visit my old Thief 2 mission I made in 2001, which I'd always wanted to tweak but never found the opportunity.  

I decided to open it up again, and it's provided me much joy to present an updated version of the mission, "Lady Lomat's Flute", now with a great intro movie with illustrations and voice-over by my good friend Brendan Barnett (also a big fan of the original games).

The video below shows a play through of the mission, and contains spoilers, so if you want to play the level yourself, give it a go before watching the video!  (There's a link to the download in the video description on YouTube).

My goal was to build a relatively small level that provided a lot of different possibilities for the player to approach the goal from different angles. The mission allows for sneaking, pick-pocketing, climbing, rope arrows, lots of ways in and out of the house, sword play, chaos, and more.

You can download the mission here!

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Game Loading: Rise of the Indies on Kickstarter

Lester Francois is making a documentary about the global rise of indie game development, and it's being funded through Kickstarter.  How appropriate!

MUZBOZ features amongst the cast of many!  

Lester has been running around the world interviewing blossoming indie developers, the head of Unity, seasoned veterans of game development, and little guys like me.  

It's been fantastic to be a part of it, and this is just the beginning.  Lester has lots more filming and editing to do to finish this thing off!  I can't wait to see it.  :)

I love this quote from Lester about me from another article about the project...

I am following a solo developer (Muzboz) who has taken a year off to make a series of small games and hone his craft. I love his guerilla-style attitude towards making his games and marketing. He is like the Rodger Corman of indie games.

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Showing B-Grade Renegade: Full de-reg style at PAX Aus

I was showing B-Grade Renegade at PAX Australia, the first PAX to happen outside the US.  I didn't have an official booth, cause I'm broke n' shit, but here's a video made by the awesome Lester who's making a doco about indie game developers...

Thursday, July 18, 2013

B-Grade Renegade: Newspaper Archive Found

Muzboz Estates have uncovered this old May 1972 newspaper, revealing the plans for the Muzboz Odyssey games console, and the original B-Grade Renegade game.  

Unfortunately, the Odyssey was never completed due to anarchist gangs burning down the entire factory, but the game archives were found, and are slowly being reassembled here at the new Muzboz HQ, and will be appearing on the new fangled iPad and iPhone devices soon!  

It is Murray Lorden VIII's life long goal:  to realise his great great great great great great grand father's vision for telling the story of heroic evangelist and pragmatic do-gooder Foxy Scavenger.

B-Grade Renegade: El Topo Trailer

Because I'm a bit obsessed with the period of 1967 - 1974, and because my game is set in an alternate history of 1972, I made an El Topo version of my pre-alpha gameplay trailer.

I actually planned to make this the main trailer, but it ended up working better with no voice over, but it makes me chuckle, so here it is.  :)

By the way, El Topo is a classic Midnight Movie made by director Alejandro Jodorowsky, from the late 60's that was supported by John Lennon.  And it's a rad movie.

B-Grade Renegade: Pre-Alpha Trailer (in development gameplay footage)

PAX Australia is just around the corner!  The first time this big US games show has been outside American, and it's right here in Melbourne, my home town!

I've been preparing a Pre-Alpha demo build of my game to take along on the iPad and show people.  I've also made a video to show the latest updates!  It's come a long way since my last video, and it's really taking shape.  So here it is!

Thursday, January 31, 2013

Sonar Pulse: Global Game Jam 2013

I got together with Pranee McKinlay, Nick London and Tom Harris for the Global Game Jam 2013, and we made a kind of strategic action game called Sonar Pulse.

In the game you mustn't let any submarines past... but you can only see them as your sonar pulse passes over them!

You can download the game here!

It's simple to play...

  • Left & Right to move
  • Space to drop a bomb