Sunday, October 28, 2018

Melbourne International Games Week 2018: Unite Melbourne, GCAP and more!

Oh wow, what a week!  

This has been a fantastic week in Melbourne, with so many inspiring events, great weather, lovely people, and big news.  MIGW is comprised of a bunch of events, including:

  • Unite Melbourne 2018
  • GCAP Conference 2018
  • Freeplay Parallels 2018
  • PAX Australia 2018

I went to some networking and drinks events and parties, but I made sure I didn't go too crazy, or stay out too late, and even after the whole week, I feel good!

I went for nice walks on my days off, taking photos of Merri Creek, and trees and flowers, and listened to a great podcast with Robin Hunicke and Kelly Wallick about lots of things, including how interfaces and algorithms of stores need a big refresh from a new direction.

I took about 500 photos over the week, and thought I'd upload a snapshot of the week through a selection of my favorite 150 photos.  A lot of the photos are of the talk slides, because I'm a conference nerd.  :)  

You can find them on Facebook here...

Here's a handful of the photos from the MIGW18 album below.