Monday, April 10, 2017

Human Computer Interface: Verbs, Language, Concepts

I miss text parser games.  

I feel they evoked so much of the imagination, as really anything could potentially happen.

Yes, in reality, when you typed things in, the game would often respond "I do not understand that."

And this was a weakness and frustration of the games, but really more of a weakness of the design and implementation of that specific game, not the text parser interface in itself.

I hope text parser (or at least human language) interfaces make more of a comeback in future.

Sunday, April 2, 2017

Working on a very b-grade trailer for B-Grade Renegade

I've been working on a trailer for B-Grade Renegade...

Having tons of fun making dodgy effects and over the top scenarios!

Here we see a guest-test-hero, Samulon of Earthulon, zooming across the wastelands in a stolen green auto.

A dread eyeball spots Foxy's hot-rod and gives chase, but Foxy is too fast for this freak of nature!