Saturday, February 29, 2020

7DRL 2020 - Broken Signal - Dev Vids 3 & 4 (Day 1)

On day 1, I get straight into Procedural Level Generation!
  • 3: Level generation basics -> Building a fixed dimensions tower out of room prefabs.
  • 3: Floors, Walls, Lights, Barrels, Enemies, Pickups.  
  • 3: Playtesting!
  • 4: Quick playtest of the end-of-day build!

7DRL 2020 - Broken Signal - Dev Vids 1 & 2 (Day 1 Preamble)

I'm doing the 7DRL (7 Day Roguelike Challenge) for the first time!

I've decided to use an existing FPS project called BROKEN SIGNAL, and make it into a Roguelike(ish) game!

I've been making some Dev Log videos as I go, to track the progress, features, playtesting and thoughts along the way.

Dev Vid 1: My plans & intentions for the jam!
  • Making procedurally generated towers to jetpack up.
  • Player must reach the radio tower at the top to win.
  • Action packed gameplay - more of a Spelunky-like than a traditional Roguelike.
  • Think Quake-meets-Spelunky, but going up instead of down.  :)

Dev Vid 2: We examine my existing Broken Signal project
  • Existing FPS project with slow motion, jetpacking, some AI enemies, key and locks.