Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Unreal Tournament - A quick CTF map - "MuzCTF"

I made this map in 2014 when I first started teaching Game Design and Production at AIE. 

We did a quick intro to Game Design, then jumped into making some UDK maps, to start working with layouts and gameplay! 

I'd never used it before, so this was fun, and we had a hoot playing against each other on the maps we were making.

We only had about 2 weeks to learn UDK and make a map, so it was mainly about blocking out something that was fun. Here's my effort!

This video is mainly filled with bots, and a few students, so it's not as exciting as some of the real games we played in class with more people, but alas this was the only video I captured of it... so I thought I'd upload it for old times sake! :)
My goal with this level was to have multiple ways between the bases, allowing players to use different vehicles and tactics to score the flag.

I wanted the bases to be fairly symmetrical, but not 100%.

And for the layout to constantly keep the teams guessing - to have enemies leaping over the chasm with the vehicle, or running across the air bridge, or springing up on the bounce pads.