Friday, February 19, 2016

Matt Chat: Some of my favorite videos by Matt Barton (Matt Chat)

Matt Barton is a fantastic guy who writes about video games, especially Computer Role Playing Games (CRPGs).  He also has a fantastic YouTube channel where he interviews game developers from throughout the history of video game development.

You can support Matt Barton on Patreon here.

Here are some of my favorite videos...

Richard Garriott 

"Choose Your Own Adventure" with R.A. Montgomery

John Romero





The Fat Man


GDC Vault - Free awesome videos about game development

The Game Developer's Conference (GDC) is amazing.  I went for the first time in 2015. It was super inspiring.  And most of their sessions are recorded, and many can be accessed for free at the GDC Vault.  

Here are some of my favorites!

Will Wright - Metaphysics of Game Design

Will Wright - What's next in game design?

Will Wright - Dynamics for Designers

Will Wright - Classic Games Postmortem - Raid on Bungeling Bay

Joel Burgess - Level Design in Open World Games

Stone Librande - One Page Game Designs

Stone Librande - 15 Games in 15 Years

Stone Librande - Game Design < Design

Zach Wilson - 50 questions to ask yourself when your level sucks

Eitan Glinert - Rapid, Iterative Prototyping Best Practices

Simon Darveua - Prototype: A Developers Best Friend!

Robin Hunicke - Deliberately Developmental Leadership

Tom Francis - How reviewing games for nine years helped in designing Gunpoint

Tom Francis - Efficiency for Game Designers - Lessons learned from making Gunpoint quickly without going mad

Fang - A live art demonstration of creating world through design thinking

"The Art of Screenshake" by Jan Willem Nijman (of Vlambeer)

This is a great video focussed on "game feel", or "juice"...  spicing up your game!

A great video to watch for inspiration at least once during every project you work on!  

Double Fine Adventure - A documentary series about Double Fine's ground-breaking Kickstarter game

The Double Fine Adventure documentary series is just amazing.

You can now access the entire series on YouTube via their channel.  I recommend it as a fantastic educational resource about how games are really made, and it's super entertaining to boot!

Dig in!

Warren Spector: Lecture Series at University of Texas

I wanted to post some of my favorite educational and inspirational videos about game development, and thought I'd start with this series of lectures and interviews by Warren Spector.  

These are the parts of the series: