Friday, December 13, 2019

Thursday, December 12, 2019

World Generation Project: Exploring generated islands on foot

Continuing work on a World Generation Project in Unity!

I've got it to the point now where I'm fairly happy with the basis of my world generation.

It's generating X number of islands on startup, grabbing from a randomised selection of Biome profiles I've made, so some might be Jungles, others full of Medieval Buildings, some with Cottages, another with Autumn Trees.

I've also got some basic wildlife happening, although they don't have much in the way of AI currently.

World Generation - Exploring a variety of generated islands on foot!

Wednesday, October 30, 2019

World Generation Project - Generating Islands at Runtime

I'm working on a World Generation Project in Unity!

I began working through a bunch of tutorials and information about creating terrains in Unity with code, instead of by hand.

I then got that code running as co-routines (somewhat) so that it could generate them at runtime, before your eyes, rather than only in the editor, or all in one frame (freezing up the realtime aspect while it did so).

Here's a video of my island generation working in realtime for the first time.

"World Generation in Unity - Generating Islands at Runtime"

Monday, February 25, 2019

Real Time Strategy - Experiments & Prototypes

After my unsuccessful funding application for Broken Signal, I wanted to try a fresh set of challenges and learning.  

I wanted to learn to make better looking Unity scenes, using their Terrain system, but without having to painstakingly craft everything by hand.

I spent quite some time learning as much as I could about the Unity terrain system, grass and details, splat textures, etc.  (This is an ongoing process!)

For this terrain, I was just getting started experimenting with things like:

  • Loading in heightmap data from a "height data texture".
  • Applying splat maps (textures), grasses and trees based on height and slope information.  
(It doesn't look that great here, but I've since taken that a lot further!)

I then worked on having characters be able to move around and respond to player-commands and such.  

I'm trying to get a broader and deeper understanding of more programming concepts, and this little RTS project taught me some new things.

This video just shows the basics of being able to select units, and tell them to move or attack.

Enemy units then attack back in response, targeting the person who attacked them.

I've since experimented further with IK systems for the units to look at their target, and have their feet align to the normals of the terrain.

And I've also made it so the enemies have perception, and if they sense you approaching, they'll target your units and attack on their own.

I want to experiment with this further, along with my terrain generation project, to experiment with more of a living medieval fantasy environment, where units can go about their daily business, and respond dynamically to changes in the environment, such as buildings being built or destroyed, and altering their behaviours based on their needs and the changes in the world.

Wednesday, November 21, 2018

Broken Signal - An Action Immersive Sim (Prototype & Funding Application)

I got my game prototype "Broken Signal" to a pretty good stage, and applied for funding around the October 2018 Film Vic funding round.

But I found out a few months later that I didn't get chosen for that round.

Here is the game video I put together for my prototype submission.

I was hoping to get Pre-Production funding, to develop the concept, world design and concept art, and a core set of gameplay features developed.

I was happy with where I got the game to, but I don't think I would want to try to develop it further without being able to pay the people who I wanted to start contributing to the concept art and world design.

So I've put it on hold for now, but the elements of this game are definitely going to move forwards to one degree or another into my future projects.

And I may very well come back to this specific game concept to finish it off at some point!  :)

Saturday, October 27, 2018

Melbourne International Games Week 2018: Unite Melbourne, GCAP and more!

Oh wow, what a week!  

This has been a fantastic week in Melbourne, with so many inspiring events, great weather, lovely people, and big news.  MIGW is comprised of a bunch of events, including:

  • Unite Melbourne 2018
  • GCAP Conference 2018
  • Freeplay Parallels 2018
  • PAX Australia 2018

I went to some networking and drinks events and parties, but I made sure I didn't go too crazy, or stay out too late, and even after the whole week, I feel good!

I went for nice walks on my days off, taking photos of Merri Creek, and trees and flowers, and listened to a great podcast with Robin Hunicke and Kelly Wallick about lots of things, including how interfaces and algorithms of stores need a big refresh from a new direction.

I took about 500 photos over the week, and thought I'd upload a snapshot of the week through a selection of my favorite 150 photos.  A lot of the photos are of the talk slides, because I'm a conference nerd.  :)  

You can find them on Facebook here...

Here's a handful of the photos from the MIGW18 album below.

Monday, September 10, 2018

Audio Visualization - Koch Fractals

I completed another great Audio Visualization tutorial by Peer Play about Koch Fractals.

Here are my personalised results, using a song I recorded a few years back.

This has been really fun and interesting.

I'm really excited to dig into this more some time, and making a more customised visual composition choreographed to a specific song.

One day!