Tuesday, December 26, 2017

Lofi Epic - Dev Log #3 - Magic Portals

Here I've added MAGIC PORTALS!

The player can see through the portal into the other location, and they can also jump through themself.

I am still developing the actual ideas of what to do with my portals in the game.  Yet to be finalised!  But these are just test ones for now!

Saturday, December 23, 2017

Lofi Epic - Dev Log #2 - Guards, Animals, Banners, Portals

Here I've added...
  • Some GUARDS with basic detection AI.  (They detect you based on whether you're standing in the light.)
  • Some ANIMALS with basic ecology AI (they get hungry and thirsty, and go to eat and drink as needed.  They flee from you if they detect you).
  • Added CLOTH BANNERS that blow in the wind.
  • A basic DAY/NIGHT CYCLE.
  • I wrote my own cross-platform CUSTOM PLAYER CONTROLLER.  I'm using InControl so I can support Windows, Xbox One, PS4, etc.  It has support for keyboard/mouse, or gamepad.

Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Lofi Epic - Dev Log #1 - Map Blockout

This is a prototype I'm building, which might become my next released game.

It's working project title is "Lofi Epic", because I want it to feel epic and meaningful, to have a resonant story with a good start, middle and end, but to be able top produce it as a lone developer, it has to be lofi!

Here I've blocked out the map for the game in very rough terms.

Monday, November 20, 2017

Lofi Epic - Dev Log #0 - Map Foundations

This is a glimpse of the first steps of putting together my Lofi Epic prototype.

I started by blocking out the map based on an old piece I did in high school in 1995!

I always intended this map to be fuel for a game, or a book (or even a movie or TV show).

So here goes!

My concept for this game is for it to be an "immersive adventure game", taking a lot from the immersive sim genre, but also from adventure games such as King's Quest 3!

Follow along to see the progress.

Saturday, November 18, 2017

Werewolf in the Wild - Development Oddments

Werewolf in the Wild - Development Oddments

Here are some old screenshots I found from the time I spent developing Werewolf in the Wild in 2016.

I liked 'em, so here they are.  :D

Saturday, September 16, 2017

Ecology - Dev Video #2

Ecology - Dev Video #2

Here I've added a basic day-night cycle, and some more different types of animals.

Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Ecology - Dev Video #1 - Stags eating, drinking, resting, fleeing

Here's a new project I'm working on, developing some code skills, and ideas around an ecology simulation.

I think that some of the central elements of the type of games I like are simulation and immersion (hence why I like immersive sims!)...  :D

I've been thinking about a game with an ecology that runs on its own, such as a wilderness in nature, or a medieval town with people buzzing around and getting on with their lives.

I made a start on the weekend, and made a little island with stags milling around, eating, drinking, and fleeing if they detect the player.

I like the idea of building layers of complexity, where the entities in the world make sense and behave logically, and with enough different elements at play, they begin to show interesting emergent behaviours.



Monday, June 19, 2017

Steam VR - HTC Vive - Prototype Development - Thiefy Adventurer #012

Some progress on my VR project featuring an adventurous thief, visiting ancient lost places of the world, in search for loot, info, and of course adventure!

I want to build more atmosphere, and add some more physics based puzzles, as well as ignitable torches and candles.

Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Crafts: Leather Bag

A bit off topic, but I wanted to post a little craft project...  

I made a leather bag which fits my daily toys and tools, including my HP Spectre X2 laptop (which doesn't fit in my smaller leather bag), and an iPad Mini, A5 clipboard, wallet, keys, etc.  

I'm very happy with how it came out!

Sunday, April 2, 2017

Working on a very b-grade trailer for B-Grade Renegade

I've been working on a trailer for B-Grade Renegade...

Having tons of fun making dodgy effects and over the top scenarios!

Here we see a guest-test-hero, Samulon of Earthulon, zooming across the wastelands in a stolen green auto.

A dread eyeball spots Foxy's hot-rod and gives chase, but Foxy is too fast for this freak of nature!

Sunday, March 26, 2017

B-Grade Renegade: All CAR art is complete!

I finally finished off all the car art!

B-Grade Renegade: Race to the Rocket - Dev Diary (2017-03-25th)

Here's a video where I talk through the nitty gritty of how my soon-to-be-finished roguelike game "B-Grade Renegade: Race to the Rocket" plays out!

I talk through the thinking behind my game design, and show the game in action.

B-Grade Renegade is a game I've been working on for many years now, on and off.  

You play as Foxy Scavenger, making her way across the country to reach the last rocket before it blasts off, leaving behind the destroyed Earth.

It's main platform is iPad, and it works great on an iPad Mini, or a full size iPad.  It also plays well on an iPhone 6 or 7 +.  

I'm also going to put it out for Mac game on Steam and the App Store.

I'd love to hear any feedback, comments and suggestions!

Q: Are people into this sort of game?  

Q: Would you play it on iPad, iPhone, Mac or PC?

Q: What would make it better?  

Q: What don't you like about it?


Sunday, March 5, 2017

A Train Journey - Dev Log - Part 1

I've been thinking about making short story games lately.

One thing I'd like to do is to set a story on a train, perhaps just in a single train carriage.

So I built a simple scene yesterday to explore this setting.  

Pretty rough'n'ready, but I'm happy with the general vibe.

I was very taken with The Last Express when I played it many years ago, and I like the idea of a story that takes place across country, across borders, with people brought together for different reasons, stuck in one "place" together, with a moving story on wheels.

An old fashioned setting, a lonely yet exciting setting.  We'll see where it goes!

I was a bit inspired by seeing dad's model railway set he's building currently, and also seeing the Puffing Billy steam train zooming through Selby on Sunday.  :)

Monday, February 13, 2017

Unreal Tournament - A quick CTF map - "MuzCTF"

I made this map in 2014 when I first started teaching Game Design and Production at AIE. 

We did a quick intro to Game Design, then jumped into making some UDK maps, to start working with layouts and gameplay! 

I'd never used it before, so this was fun, and we had a hoot playing against each other on the maps we were making.

We only had about 2 weeks to learn UDK and make a map, so it was mainly about blocking out something that was fun. Here's my effort!

This video is mainly filled with bots, and a few students, so it's not as exciting as some of the real games we played in class with more people, but alas this was the only video I captured of it... so I thought I'd upload it for old times sake! :)
My goal with this level was to have multiple ways between the bases, allowing players to use different vehicles and tactics to score the flag.

I wanted the bases to be fairly symmetrical, but not 100%.

And for the layout to constantly keep the teams guessing - to have enemies leaping over the chasm with the vehicle, or running across the air bridge, or springing up on the bounce pads.

Thursday, January 26, 2017

"Secrets of the Waves" - v2.0 is out now!

A week after Global Game Jam 2017 began, I've finished off version 2.0 of "Secrets of the Waves" and I'm super happy with it!

Grab a copy here for Windows or Mac and give it a play!

Here is a little teaser video, showing a few snippets of the game in action...

In version 2.0...
  • I've added a big storm, which was always meant to be in the original release.
  • The camera is tweaked in several ways.
  • The compass now has a marker to make it clearer which direction you are traveling.

I'm planning to come back another time and work on...
  • A new boat model that's deeper, and can therefor sit in the water better.
  • A cloth sail, and perhaps even proper simulated sailing mechanics, with the player having to catch wind in the sail to move.
  • Detailing the environment with more decorations, trees, grass, ruins, etc.
  • Add more other islands and objects of interest in the ocean.

Below you can see a video of the full journey in action, but the game is about exploration and navigation, so play it yourself before watching the video if you want to discover things for yourself!  (Recommended).  :D

- Your pal, Murray of MUZBOZ Manor

Sunday, January 22, 2017

"Secrets of the Waves" - Global Game Jam 2017

I'm really happy with my Global Game Jam effort for 2017!  

Here's a teaser video that show the first 7 minutes or so.  The full journey goes for about 20 minutes.  

I made the game entirely on my own, and I got a nice little sailing exploring game finished!

It's was a bit inspired by the music of Secret Exploration Society, a band/album I made with my friend Jim Batt... four of those tracks make up the soundtrack for this game. The album itself was very much about exploring and sailing, and I made this thinking of it as a sort of music-video for the album.  :D

The game features numerous things...

  • An ever changing sky / fog color, as the weather and time of day turns.
  • Quite a nice feeling sailing mechanic.
  • Nice camera controls that are mostly smooth and cinematic.
  • A compass that shows the direction you are facing at the top of the compass.
  • Some OK little islands and environments.

Things that didn't make it in, but that I want to get in are...

  • I aimed to get an actual storm into the game, but I didn't get time. 
  • I wanted a better cloth-sim sail, and a little person in the boat with a cloth-sim cloak.  That would look cool in accompaniment of a decent wind system in the game!
  • Better sailing physics.
  • An ocean that also grows and swells, waves become huge in the storm, then calm down again.
  • More detailed and pretty little environments.  Trees, grass, stones, more finesse.
  • Improvements to the way the sky color and fog colors work, to prevent distant lands popping in and out on the horizon clipping plane.
  • Finish off the narrative better.  Currently there's no clear ending.
  • Add sea foam around objects emerging from the ocean.
  • Add more other islands and objects of interest in the ocean.
  • And maybe being able to get out of the boat and walk around!?  :)

- Murray

Sunday, January 8, 2017

ROMACK: Dev Log 003 - Ragdolls, Doors, NavMesh Obstacles

I had fun this past weekend adding some new features to my Thiefy / Quakey prototype.

I added doors which open away from you (depending which way you approach them from).

The doors are also Navmesh Obstacles, which carve into the Navmesh when closed, thus blocking the AIs from going through.

Ultimately, I plan to make it so the AIs can open and close the doors where logical.

I'm thinking of swapping out the Quakey stuff and focussing on Thiefy stuff as I keep going on the AI.  I might use the Thief guard voices as my placeholder sounds, so I can check off the AI states as I get them into my implementation...  things like...

  • "Dum da dum..." -> Idle / Patrol between patrol points.
  • "Hey, did I see something?" -> Suspicion.
  • "You there!  You're dead meat!" -> Chase and attack.
  • "Hey, where did they go?" -> Lost sight of you.
  • "I'll find you!" -> Suspicious, searching for you (cooling down).
  • "Hmmm, gone now, I guess..." -> Given up, lost track of you.

Wednesday, January 4, 2017

ROMACK: DevLog 002 - A Quake-meets-Thief style AI system

I took these Christmas holidays to work on various fun projects.

I've been working on a Quake-meets-Thief inspired project these past few days.

Some basic AI & gameplay is taking shape!

I'm really happy to be learning new things about in C# and Unity in general. :D

I've been working on some enemies that launch grenades at the player.  They detect you by sight, taking field-of-view, line of sight, and the lightness of the player's position into account.  

I also added basic ragdolls for when they die, and they carry around torches to see with.

Here's several minutes of me just running around playing with the AI's.

Note: I'm using some sounds from Quake, but the grenade and launcher are my own models and textures.

Sunday, January 1, 2017

ROMACK: Dev Log 001 - Beginnings of a Quake-like

I started playing with some Quake-like elements in my prototype level.

I made a Grenade Launcher and Grenade in Maya and Substance Painter, and made my homage to the Quake Grenade Launcher.  What a beauty!

This demo also has the lighting of torches, spreading light around the building.  But I removed that soon to allow for "hiding in the dark!"...