Sunday, February 1, 2015

Rescue Squad: Global Game Jam 2015

I got together with Pranee McKinlay and Paul Baker for the Global Game Jam 2015, and we made a 3 player co-op game called Rescue Squad!

You can download the game here!

Players must control a single ship and co-operate with each other to avoid and destroy asteroids. The aim is to rescue Space Chickens from death by burning star. Rescue Squad can be played with 1-3 players. It's a co-operative game, designed to be a local multi-player & made in 48 hours for Global Game Jam 2015.

You can use three gamepads, or have all players use the keyboard!

Player 1 - MOVE using the Arrow Keys
Player 2 - SHOOT using SPACE or W, and use A & D to aim the turret
Player 3 - RESCUE using the sucker - rotate with J & L, extend the arm using I & K