Monday, June 15, 2020

SECRET KEEP - An immersive story of intrigue and choices


Work has begun on my new game... 


Secret Keep is an immersive interactive experience inspired by the immersive, simulation-rich world of Thief: The Dark Project, combined with the living story line of games like King's Quest 3: To Heir is Human.


Another morning in the castle.

The people stir and the sounds of a keep begin to clatter and rumble.

You wake, and go about your chores.

The wedding banquet approaches, three days hence!

And you must play your part...

Play out your public role as a servant among the castle folk.

But also... your secret part, as a spy, an agent, within the walls, watching, eavesdropping, manipulating events to alter the outcome, and ultimately changing the course of the story.

How will your story unfold?

Stay tuned for more news as it comes to hand!

To follow along with the development and get the latest news, I have set up a website for the game Secret Keep here...

Wednesday, June 10, 2020

The Feature Creeps - A Game Dev Band

FEATURE CREEPS - The Game Dev Band

Here's my little DISK PUNK / GANTTCORE demo EP.

The tracks are...
  • Waterfall Theory
  • Break Point
  • Flow State