Tuesday, May 8, 2018

MUZBOZ's thoughts on a Dream Studio for an indie game developer

I grew up playing the Sierra games, made in Oakhurst, Coursegold, California.  The King's Quest games were rich with signs of the Californian trees, and a love of nature.

Later, coming out of Spokane Washington, there was Myst and Riven.

I grew up in a bushy suburb in Melbourne Australia, and I've always thought it'd be lovely to have a studio out in the hills.

I was recently out in the hills east of Melbourne, and I took lots of nice photos of areas where I could build my dream studio.  I thought I'd post them here, kinda like a little dream journal.  :)

I love this place, overlooking a big valley.  This has set a sort of benchmark in my mind for what I'd be looking for.  :D

And here's a bunch of other miscellaneous photos.  



Community Centre

Sunday, March 4, 2018

ROMERO - Dev Video #6 - Doors, Locks, Keys

I've added a basic system for DOORS, including the ability to have them LOCKED and openable with a specific KEY.


I still want to tidy it up and make it more versatile, so doors can be activated by one or more triggers (invisible, or physical buttons), and to improve the inspector interface, so it's easy to make a variety of custom "doors", like extending platforms, etc.

Friday, March 2, 2018

LoKayTioN - Dev Video #001 - Points of Interest (POIs), Scrollable Map, Placeholder Text

I've been fiddling around with a location based game for a while.  

It's a sort of dystopian future mystery, with crime elements, set in Melbourne, Australia.  

It could be more of a straight detective mystery.  

Or... I have also been considering a very different sort of experience, more like a podcast mixed with other ruminations on life, the universe and everything.  :D

Thursday, March 1, 2018

ROMERO - Dev Video #5 - Slow Mo / Bullet Time (the basics)

Put in a basic Bullet Time / Slow Mo system! Currently just toggled on & off with a button press.

But gonna link it up to a power source, so it is limited.

Sunday, February 11, 2018

ROMERO - Dev Video #4 - Reach to the Radio Tower!

Here's I've tweaked up the level layout a lot!  

Note It's hard!  This video shows two failed attempts.  :D

OBJECTIVE: "Reach the Radio Tower to win the level!"

Lots of little fixes and improvements:

  • Improved "grounded" check:  I now use four spaced raycasts near your feet, to check if you're grounded, even when near an edge.  It now reliably jumps all the time, allowing for much more control!
  • Prevent the player from pushing through walls:  I use a raycast to check in the direction that you are trying to move, and scale down the movement if something is in the way.
  • Tumbling death: Player falls over / tumbles when killed (detach camera, add force and torque, and have it bounce around).

Thursday, February 8, 2018

Romero - Dev Video #3 - Better bullets!

Here I've improved the bullet behaviours...
  • Added sounds for collisions & tinkling.
  • Muzzleflash & bullet trails.
  • Bullets falls to the ground after colliding with things.

I'm also trying out a few different musical tones, using some existing tracks I've made over the years.  :D

Definitely thinking about making a full game out of this!

Something small, 3 - 5 missions.

Sunday, February 4, 2018

Romero - Dev Video #1 and #2 - More AI behaviours & player hitpoints

Get ready to SUCK IT DOWN!  

"Romero Plissken" is back, in this cyborg-exploding grenade-imbibing game of generic Quake-like action.  Hehehe.

I'm building an action game system, basically from the ground up.

I'm starting off just focussing on a Quake-like shooter, to get down the basics of creating NPCs.  

Getting a character moving around using a skinned mesh, Mecanim, NavMesh  and AI code.

Ultimately, I want to build a versatile AI character for Unity that I can apply to all sorts of different circumstances:

  • Guards, in a fantasy game.
  • NPCs, who walk about town.
  • Characters in a scripted cutscene.

An ecology sim of different characters, creatures, agents.

Dev Diary #002

Enemy AI
  • Here I've made the enemy attacks hurt the player, and if the player dies it restarts the level.  
  • The Soldier has Grenade attack, and at some point will also have a MG attack, probably firing short bursts.
  • The Slicer has a Melee slice attack.
  • The Kamikaze runs at you and Explodes.
  • Explosions hurt the player and also nearby enemies.

The AI characters also have different sensory attributes based on their state.  
  • Once they have sighted you, they go into a heightened alertness state (Chasing) and aggressively try to track you down.  
  • When in the Chasing state, they have 360 degree vision (to prevent you from just "running behind them" to elude them), and a greater ability to detect the player at greater distances, and in less light.  
  • If they lose line of sight with you, or drop below a threshold of visibility of you (considering distance and lightness), then after 5 second they drop back to their Neutral state.  This is when you have escaped, and eluded them.

Dev Diary #001

I started this project at Global Game Jam 2018... and here's where it was after that first weekend.