Thursday, December 6, 2012

Top Down Zombie Action Game - Status Update

Here's a look at my current game I'm working on... 

I've been working on the Weapons and Vehicles.  

I'm trying a lot of new things in this game, using Tables in a much more extensive way than in previous games.  

I'm expanding on things that I tried in a basic way in Pulp Diction, and taking them much further.  Specifically, I have all the weapons in a table, defining a full set of attributes such as ReloadTime, ClipCapacity, BulletRange, DamagePerBullet, etc.  That way, the actual Weapon Actor is a single actor, but can take on the form of any number of different weapons.

Likewise, my Vehicle Actor can take the form of any number of vehicles, taking their Acceleration, Top Speed, SteerRate, etc from a table.

I'm also using a HudSpawner actor, which spawns all the different elements of the HUD, and they resize and position themselves around the screen as appropriate (depending on which device they're running on).  

Next I'll be moving on to actually dealing with the missions themselves.

Please excuse some amount of silliness and bad language.  If you leave me alone too long, I become foolish.  :)

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