Saturday, December 3, 2016

Sir, You Are Being Hunted: A gorgeous procedurally generated first person stealth game

I finally got around the playing "Sir, You Are Being Hunted".  

This is a fantastic looking game, with some very cool gameplay elements.

The game begins by being randomly generated!

There's a great talk about the processes for creating the world here, by Tom Betts from Big Robot, called Creating FPS Open Worlds Using Procedural Techniques from the GDC Vault.

The core goal of the game is to collect the mysterious artifacts, scattered around the 5 islands.  These must be brought back to the standing stones to win.  But all the while you will be hunted by robots!

The landscapes are quite gorgeous, with an accelerated day/night cycle, with all different hues of sky and fog on the different islands.  It is a feast of opportunity to take great screenshots, and soak up the atmosphere.

Here's a bunch of sightings from my first play session in the game.

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