Sunday, July 16, 2017

Wilderness of Play: A place to discuss exploratory, experimental innovative games

Welcome to the Wilderness of Play forum!

I wanted to create a place where players and developers could get together and discuss innovative exploratory games...  games that are off the beaten track.  

Games like Proteus, RainWorld, Shadow of the Colossus, A Dark Room...  little games, big games, atmospheric mood pieces, unusual interactive fiction, etc!

I want to hear about more games!  I want to hear about games and whole genres that don't exist yet, but that people can imagine, or yearn for...

I've made a few prototypes and game jams in this area myself, such as Werewolf in the Wild, and Secrets of the Waves, quick ideas that I want to come back to and expand on.

I like procedural generation, and games that defy definition.  Games with interesting AI and procedural animation, worlds that keep growing when you turn your back on them!

I invite you to come and join the discussion, make some new friends, find some fellow enthusiasts and explorers!

See you in the wilderness.  :D

Your ol' pal Murray
from MUZBOZ Games