Friday, September 7, 2018

Quake: Underwater Jam - "Bad Day at the Research Facility"

Recently, the Quake Mapping community ran a map jam with the theme "Underwater", so I decided to join in, using the great new editor called Trenchbroom.

This is the FUNC_MSGBOARD release thread, where you can download the maps, and read people's comments, etc.

Get your fingers wet in these 9 awesome water themed maps by:
  • Bloodshot 
  • Giftmacher 
  • ish 
  • JCR 
  • muk 
  • nyo (Nyoei) 
  • Pinchy 
  • Pritchard

My map is called "Bad Day at the Research Facility" and is a Half Life / Science themed map in an underwater research facility that comes under attack during your first day at work.

The map features the voice acting talents of Brendan Barnett whom I frequently work with because he is amazing.

The jam went for 25 days, and in that time I did about 135 hours of mapping, which was pretty intense!

For me, the main purpose of doing the jam was to get more practice creating levels, and investigating the Trenchbroom mapping workflow, for research to improve my own tools and processes for my next Unity game I'm working on.

On this front, it was a fantastic experience, and Trenchbroom provided a template for many great ways to work, and I'm hoping that tools in Unity like ProBuilder will help build fast, cool looking, fun levels, with some approaches I've nabbed from Trenchbroom.

Here's a bunch of screenshots from my Quake level, "Bad Day at the Research Facility".

We start off in a lab, performing some routine tasks for our boss who speaks to us over the intercom.

The large staff locker room.

Through the vents we go.

Heading towards the central elevator.

The warehouse has been overrun with ogres.

The final scramble up the central elevator.

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