Friday, October 30, 2020

MUZTEK Base Game: v1.0 (Unity Foundation Project)

I've started building a Unity Foundation Project called MUZTEK Base Game.

This will form the foundation of my own next game, "Secret Keep", but I also wanted to build something simple, generic and light that could form a solid basis for anyone to use as a Unity project!

You can download the MUZTEK Base Game v1.0 here.

I made a video to explain what's in it, and how the parts work.

This is just an early release (which I wanted to share with a friend of mine!), but still has a few more things to add, such as Options Volume Sliders, and ideally a simple Save & Load System.

But I figure it's ready now, the way it is, so feel free to give it a spin.  :)

Note: This version was built in Unity 2018.4.9 LTS.

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