Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Australian Game Studio Generator

Check out the Australian Game Studio Generator here!

I had fun with a few of my Game Design students last year, making an Australian Game Studio Generator, where we chose all the Australian game studio names with two words, or two main parts, and made a random generator that combined these randomly!  

Every time I use it, it makes some funny combinations I hadn't seen before.  Good for a laugh!  Or for choosing a name for your game development studio!  ;)

It was inspired by us making jokes about studio names, like if you took Half Brick and Red Ant, to make Half Ant.  That cracked us up enough to inspire an app that would produce humorous combinations for us!

Sometimes I like to make up silly tag lines for the names it produces like...

HALF GAME:  We deliver.
LOVE DINOSAUR:   Rrrrooowwww!
MANY GAMES:  Much good.
POWER TONGUE:  We've got game dev licked.
SUPER GREAT:  Just don't question it.
HALF HI:  Come work with us, ideal working conditions.
LOVE WHALE:  You do the work.
EVIL PHASE: We promise, we'll grow out of it.
THREE GAMES:  We ain't no one trick pony.

The Australian Game Studio Generator was made @usernametylers@muzboz and @spacederp

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