Sunday, May 8, 2016

Steam VR - HTC Vive - Prototype Development - Video #004

These are the results from the end of my 2nd weekend of development on my HTC Vive VR prototype / experiment...

Note: This is a dark level, so if you're on mobile or laptop, turn your brightness up full to see it as intended.  If it's just too dark for you, there's a more lightened version here... 

I've been learning a bunch more about the finer details of Unity, and good work flows.

Character AI and Animation System
I made an animation system that will allow a character to NavMesh around, to use line of sight perception, and to play animations, including NavMeshAgent.Stop() and NavMeshAgent.Resume() when they play their Hurt animation.  

Still more work to be done on these systems!  But I'm really happy with it as a start, and it supports the ability to plug in new characters/animations easily!  So I'll add some more enemy types in soon to experiment with different sizes, speeds, perception settings, etc.

Gun System
I've also got a decent gun system working that allows the player to shoot bullets, and it produces a muzzle flash, and plays a sound randomly from an array of assigned sounds.

I still need to... 

  • Support animations for the gun
  • Support the idea of a clip size, ammo, reloading

I will add a few more guns soon, as the system will now let me plug more in quite quickly.

Lots of ideas are percolating away while working on these basic sort of features.  So, I'm not sure how far I'll go with this experiment / prototype.  But I'm having fun with it for now!

I think I'd like to finish this off as a short experience, and put it out in some way, on Steam or, whether ti's a free download, or a few dollars, or something (depending on how far I take it).  

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