Sunday, January 8, 2017

ROMACK: Dev Log 003 - Ragdolls, Doors, NavMesh Obstacles

I had fun this past weekend adding some new features to my Thiefy / Quakey prototype.

I added doors which open away from you (depending which way you approach them from).

The doors are also Navmesh Obstacles, which carve into the Navmesh when closed, thus blocking the AIs from going through.

Ultimately, I plan to make it so the AIs can open and close the doors where logical.

I'm thinking of swapping out the Quakey stuff and focussing on Thiefy stuff as I keep going on the AI.  I might use the Thief guard voices as my placeholder sounds, so I can check off the AI states as I get them into my implementation...  things like...

  • "Dum da dum..." -> Idle / Patrol between patrol points.
  • "Hey, did I see something?" -> Suspicion.
  • "You there!  You're dead meat!" -> Chase and attack.
  • "Hey, where did they go?" -> Lost sight of you.
  • "I'll find you!" -> Suspicious, searching for you (cooling down).
  • "Hmmm, gone now, I guess..." -> Given up, lost track of you.

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