Sunday, February 4, 2018

Romero - Dev Video #1 and #2 - More AI behaviours & player hitpoints

Get ready to SUCK IT DOWN!  

"Romero Plissken" is back, in this cyborg-exploding grenade-imbibing game of generic Quake-like action.  Hehehe.

I'm building an action game system, basically from the ground up.

I'm starting off just focussing on a Quake-like shooter, to get down the basics of creating NPCs.  

Getting a character moving around using a skinned mesh, Mecanim, NavMesh  and AI code.

Ultimately, I want to build a versatile AI character for Unity that I can apply to all sorts of different circumstances:

  • Guards, in a fantasy game.
  • NPCs, who walk about town.
  • Characters in a scripted cutscene.

An ecology sim of different characters, creatures, agents.

Dev Diary #002

Enemy AI
  • Here I've made the enemy attacks hurt the player, and if the player dies it restarts the level.  
  • The Soldier has Grenade attack, and at some point will also have a MG attack, probably firing short bursts.
  • The Slicer has a Melee slice attack.
  • The Kamikaze runs at you and Explodes.
  • Explosions hurt the player and also nearby enemies.

The AI characters also have different sensory attributes based on their state.  
  • Once they have sighted you, they go into a heightened alertness state (Chasing) and aggressively try to track you down.  
  • When in the Chasing state, they have 360 degree vision (to prevent you from just "running behind them" to elude them), and a greater ability to detect the player at greater distances, and in less light.  
  • If they lose line of sight with you, or drop below a threshold of visibility of you (considering distance and lightness), then after 5 second they drop back to their Neutral state.  This is when you have escaped, and eluded them.

Dev Diary #001

I started this project at Global Game Jam 2018... and here's where it was after that first weekend.

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