Saturday, March 24, 2012

Alley Cat

Alley Cat.  What a strange and absurd game.  
There is so much going on in this game!  

And a very high inscrutability quotient!
You had to figure out how EACH of the many minigames worked!  

I remember it was months, perhaps years before we knew you could press ALT to switch between the different holes in the cheese.

This was a very cool game.  I love the abstract nature of it.  It's like a Da Da game in many ways!  The broom sweeping about the level on it's own.  And yet everything has it's place.  The broom follows your footsteps, cleaning them up in the order that you made them!  

Catching that bird from the cage was so hard, and then you're nearly there, and BAM!  The broom jostles you straight out the window.  

Playing as a little defenceless cat was also a unique and uncommon approach to a protagonist character.  

Avoid detection, don't get caught!  Perhaps this is why I like the Thief series so much!  Years of subjection to Alley Cat at a young age.

I love the irreverence of this game.  So many whacky concepts.  The sexual nature of the cat's purpose!  The funny music and sound FX.  Fantastic.  

This is the golden age of gaming right here.
A real "one man game" classic!

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