Saturday, March 24, 2012

Moon Patrol

My family would fly around Australia a bit when we were young.

I have an identical twin brother, and my mother was a member of the Australian Multiple Birth Association.  In fact, she was the Twins Club President for a few years!  And we'd fly around to go to various conferences where she would speak and organise things (I never really knew what she did exactly!)

What I DID know was that at Tullamarine Airport in Melbourne, if you ran around the long corridors, you could find MOON PATROL!  They had the table top arcade machine and I thought it was amazing.

There was something very cool about Moon Patrol, no doubt about it.  The fluid movement of the little wheels is something that I still think is just so well executed!  Haha.  It adds a really groovy feel to the game.

I also played Moon Patrol A LOT at the back of the classroom in Grade 3 on an Apple IIe.  Me and my mate Troy (who also introduced me to Evil Dead at a much-too-young-age) were awesome at it.  And I even finished it once!  And the Evil Dead series remain some of my favorite horror movies of all time, along with similar horror comedies Bad Taste and Brain Dead.

Over the years I've often thought about Moon Patrol.  I hold it up as a real classic.  It brings together many things that I love in games: physics simulation, complex action-response gameplay, various interplaying entities with different behaviours for you to keep track of at once, and a deformable terrain!  

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