Saturday, March 24, 2012

Betrayal at Krondor

This game was amazing.  1993.  A real story, cool characters and locations, amazing music!

I loved the old game Phantasie from 1985, which was also one of the earliest games we had on the PC.  It was a cool open world RPG game.  BUT the story was quite hackneyed, and the interface and graphics were rudimentary.  Betrayal at Krondor was like everything Phantasie was and more, with a richer story and great music and graphics (for the time!).

I personally love hand painted graphics in a game, and Krondor featured lovely images of each location you visited and great looking inventory items.

I would play all night, there was no end to it.  I would huddle before the computer with a sleeping bag draped over my whole body, like some ancient form of worship, my palm red from wiggling the mouse around for hours on end.

I love this tradition of games from Phantasie, to Oblivion and Skyrim.  They just keep getting more immersive and seamless.  Viva!  Long live adventure games!


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  1. Phantasie isn't something I've thought about for a long long time. Takes me straight back to Knees Road on the 286