Saturday, March 24, 2012

Spy vs Spy

Another game that took us months to master.

A brilliant game.  Genius.  There were so many layers to this game.

We would play this up at Mick's place at the end of the road, on the C64.  

You had to collect all the elements to get on the plane and win the game before your opponent does.  Sounds simple!  It's not.

You could see on the map, some rooms have little dots in them.  That's where the special items are hidden.  But you can only carry one at a time, until you have the BAG.  But you don't know which dot is the bag.  So as you search and find each item, if they're not the bag, you just have to hide them again.  You can booby trap them to stop your opponent from getting them, but you have to remember which sort of trap you used, so you can disarm it when you return!  

All the while, the other player is trying to do the same thing!  But at the same time, they can watch your half of the screen to see what you're doing!  What are you carrying?  What sort of booby trap are you putting on that object you hid?

But they can't watch you all day, or you'll win the game!  So it's this constant struggle of trying to collect the items, watch your opponent, find the correct objects, remember which booby traps you've set, and all the while having bouts of "pokey pokey" combat with your opponent when you run past each other on this mad circus of a treasure hunt!

This is multiplayer gaming of the finest vintage quality.

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