Saturday, March 24, 2012

The Golden Age of Gaming - Gaming Memories That Inspire Me

Making my own games is something that I've wanted to do since I was very young.

It's also something strongly imbued with nostalgia.

It takes me back to my childhood, when games were magical.
I search through my experiences, trying to find what it is that makes games a special part of my life.  I examine those games which totally captured my imagination, and hours of my interactive enjoyment.  

I ask myself...
Q: How can I imbue my games with this magic?
Q: How can I make great games that last the test of time, that people really connect with?

I don't want to make crappy games. I don't want to make games with core design features that are there JUST to monetize people. Sure, I want to make enough money to live. Hell, I'd love to be rich!  

But for me, I only want to be successful by making great games - special games that connect with people, that get an emotional response, whether that is to make people laugh, feel nostalgic, feel scared, mystified, curious, challenged.  

I want to inspire the sorts of responses that I got from my favorite games - the games that really resonated with me over the years.

As a little exercise for myself, and a sharing exercise with YOU, here are a bunch of games that have really inspired me from my earliest gaming days in the early 80's, and have informed on the sorts of game elements that get me excited.


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